Seinan 10

The tenth Seinan release is now on sale over at Juno!

We took the decision to release this on record. Stream the tracks below.

We hope you like it.

Sei A - 10 EP at Juno Records

Out now on Seinan Music

DJ Feedback

MAYA JANE COLES - Thanks! really liking the sound of “wants”
AXEL BOMAN - wow beautiful release! emotional and groovy, just how i like it :)
DEETRON - Wants is a monster!! I’d love to get a wax copy 
MARTYN - really nice stuff
WILL SAUL - the whole EP is killer…Will definitely use one of the track on my essential mix
MIDLAND - I really like them, can you send WAVS please
MOTOR CITY DRUM ENSEMBLE - would love a copy on wax. Sounds right up my street.
ANJA SCHNEIDER - I really love “promises” and played it in my radio show!
RYAN CROSSON (Visionquest) - Promises and Wants are the standouts for me.  
JOE GODDARD (HOT CHIP/2 BEARS) - liked it, thanks a lot for sending it ove
UNTOLD  - I’m feeling the whole ep – beautiful production
JACQUES RENAULT - sounds cool, i’ll try it out over the weekend
TIGA - thanks, will def support!
JACQUES GREENE - all three tracks are amazing, especially like B2
RIPPERTON - Wants is such a killer, promises come close second for me!
CATZ N DOGZ  - thanks a lot great tunes
JACOB KORN - i like promises thx for sending
MOOMIN - Sweet stuff, particulary the B.2 - Promises. 
OSKAR OFFERMAN - Great, would love a vinyl copy
IRON CURTIS - really feeling ‘Promises’. what a nice, laid back groover that is. definitely gonna have that one with me for my next gigs! sweet
BASIC SOUL UNIT - Finally listened through, very nice ep. 10 and Promises are more up my alley, deep and melodic
DUSKY - Thanks for these. Really feeling Wants and Promises, will definitely be playing ;)
DAMIAN LAZARUS - thanks for this - Wants is a killer tune

This song is perfect whilst we await things to progress.

Hangovers and two pint euphoria

To celebrate ten records coming out on Seinan Music the label asked Oliver, the guy who writes a lot of the stuff on this blog, to pick ten things he likes. Anyone who know him will understand how hard that was for the boy.

This selection of music doesn’t have drum beats in it. A decade ago I would have considered such a list a complete waste of time and barely even music. Luckily ten years is a very long time in the mind. I now listen to this type of thing very frequently. I use this following music to block out dehumanising commutes and to rejoice in weekend travel with alcohol. It’s for hangovers and two pint euphoria alike.

Stars of lids – Music for Twin Peaks. Episode #30 part 1

This builds to a drone that can make you forget your name.

William Basinski – d|p 1.1

I like to think this record went a long way into making my wife, my wife. She probably hates it.

Blade runner - Los Angeles, November 2019

This album is a mixture of ambient (in the true meaning of the word) audio from the film and the soundtrack. I don’t think it’s a legal release but it’s worth tracking down.

Hecker – No drums

The title is significant for this piece of writing but Tim Hecker also achieves some form of 3 minute universal, soma chime here. I like to think that one day my babies will hear this in the womb. Odds are they probably will.

Brian Eno – Music for airports

I used to listen to this album over and over when I was ill. Now I’ll be in the supermarket prodding avocados or some shit and this makes me thankful for what I have. It also reminds me I should probably try a bit harder to achieve something worthwhile.

Philip Glass – opening

This whole album is special but the opener is notably great. I have been listening to it for a few years without much of a break.

Wiley – Eskimo 2 (devil mix)

This tune proves hard hitting music can take any form. This tune can explode a club and relax me enough to prevent a panic attack on the rush hour Victoria line.

Grouper – Vital

This is something recent that I can’t stop listening to. I don’t know much about Grouper.

Aphex Twin – Cliffs

If you can’t admire the beauty of this there’s something wrong with you both physically and emotionally.

Seinan - Ten times

There’s been a break. Seinan records took some time off. In that period dubstep broke across the USA and house music became fashionable in London. Again.  You just never know eh?

Just as unpredictably our new record, called Wants by Sei A, is released at the end of April. There will be short, exclusive clips here in the next few weeks but the release is vinyl only. It feels good to say we will be selling a record! We’ve not chosen a vinyl release to try and be elitist. The only reason is that, as older gents, we enjoy the finer things in life. That includes things like listening to records, drinking pints of ale and clapping the dog in front of the fire. We have only ever released things we like so why break from tradition?

As distinguished types we also enjoy picking out music from our not too distant pasts but also newer bits. So below we have a top ten from label chiefs Jodie and Gordon. Inspired by the return of My Bloody Valentine our two lads have combined to pick out a selection of 10 shoegazing tracks. An era of temazepam guitars, smelly fringes and ratty long-sleeve t shirts, the influence of shoegazing bands still rings through music today. There are ten because this our tenth release. Have a listen.

Gordon’s top five

Ride - Drive Blind

I started listening to Ride as there was an older boy in my scheme that had a Ride T-shirt and he had a good haircut and trainers. Slowdive - Losing Today

To me this is the sound of spring, jellies and warn cans of Tenants Lager. My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes

This is one of my favourite tracks of all time, I still don’t really know what the lyrics are but that’s always been the appeal to me. It means what I want it to, or need it too. Pale Saints - Sight of You

Underrated band. The lyrics are a wee bit ‘bed wetty’ but its still good. Spacemen 3 - Hypnotized

Title says it all.

Jodie’s top five

My Bloody Valentine - Soft as Snow

Topping my chart are MBV. Timeless. Sleeping Bags - Canataloupe

I released this on my now defunct Jodie & Victor imprint. Still stand by it.

Hear it.

Galaxie 500 - i like pretty much all their records

These two in particular reminds me of the Velvets.

Ride - Vapour Trail

Probably my favorite song ever.

Oasis - Morning Glory

Early parts of oasis sound like mbv i don’t give a fuck what anyone says.

proper ting yeh

I’ve no idea what or who #METROZU are. I found them in the maze of tumblr, twitter, soundcloud, mediafire links that make up the modern experience of finding and listening to new music.

Download the mixtape.

Panorama bar

Oor man Sei A is playing at Panorama bar tonight!

If you don’t know where or what this is then ask somebody.